Meet Our People

Below are the people that have leadership roles in the Brethren Disaster Relief Auction. They are all Board of Directors executive officers with specific responsibilities and provide unique talents and expertise for the benefit of the auction.

Tom Fritz



Responsibilities: Oversees the general operation on the Auction and ultimately responsible for the execution and results of the effort of the auction team. Has a broad oversight of everything involved with the auction and delegates specific responsibilities to committee chairpersons.

Bob Bingaman



Responsibilities: Serves as the Auction Co-chair and helps to manage the day to day functions of Auction business. Sally and Bob provide additional oversight to the Registration and and Information Committees and help to insure smooth operations on Auction Day

Evie Dehmey



Responsibilities: Evie manages all aspects of the auction's financial affairs. Her responsibilities include the day to day financial transactions necessary to operate the corporation as well as the distributions of any grants approved by the ARC committee. She also provides the oversight for all transactions during the auction weekend.

Bonnie Brinkman



Responsibilities: Bonnie provides the written copy of all board actions, minutes of board meetings, and other correspondence necessary and on behalf of the board.