Welcome to Brethern Disaster Relief Auction Inc.

2018 Auction season is in full swing!

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Promotional Video - Images from 2017 Auction Event

Look for our new auction booklet coming out August 5, 2018.....till then check out our Bulletin Insert sized Brochure below:

2018 Auction Brochure - Bulletin Insert

2018 Auction Brochure - Bulletin Insert - DOWNLOADABLE DOC

The 2017 Auction Booklet


View Here: 2017 Booklet

4th Annual 5K Race


Annual 5K Race

Saturday, September 22, 2018

at 8:00am


  • Cash Prizes Awarded
  • All Age Runners/Walkers Welcome
  • Rail-Trail Course


2018 Auction News

Auction Dates:

Friday, September 21, 2018
Saturday, September 22, 2018
Thursday, September 20, 2018 - Set Up Day

2017 Auction Distributions

At its Board meeting on November 14, 2017, the Brethren Disaster Relief Auction distributed over $400,000 of its gross proceeds of $534,520 YTD. 


Funds were earmarked as follows:

  $78,813  Gift of the Heart School Kits (constructed at the auction)

   $25,000  Hurricane General Grant

   $67,000 Hurricane gifts and matching funds

   $230,000 Unrestricted gift to Brethren

                  Disaster Ministries

   $10,000 Reserved to pay for Clean-Up Buckets

                 for “Bucket Building” project in 2018.

Who We Are

We are a group of volunteers, practicing our Christian faith by helping others in need. The Brethren Disaster Relief Auction Inc. is comprised of many hundreds of generous volunteers who share of their time, talents and resources. In addition, there are many hundreds more who are supportive with their finances and donate items to be sold as well as providing funds to accomplish the purpose. Some of the volunteers represent a variety of Church of the Brethen affiliations. All of the volunteers believe in the purpose and value of the effort!


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What We Do

The Brethren Disaster Relief Auction volunteers work tirelessly, particularly during the auction weekend, always the fourth Saturday in September, in the effort to raise funds for folks affected by disasters. The Publication Committee begins planning meetings immediately after the current auction is completed to prepare for the next years auction. There are key individuals that manage the individual committees or divisions and bring the work of the auction to fruition!

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What Keeps Us Going

What keeps the workers of the auction going is the hope of assisting someone in need and being the hands of Jesus and touch peoples lives. When someone has lost possessions and perhaps loved ones to a flood or tornado, we try to provide just a small piece of the puzzle to help them put their lives back together again.


We've been active in many areas, including the folks effected by Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti, as well as many other smaller and more local disasters.


The feedback and appreciation from those who receive the assistance is a strong motivator.

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Brethren Disaster Relief Auction Inc., founded in 1977, is an all volunteer, non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. None of the staff or officers receive any remuneration. All of the proceeds are distributed to persons affected by disasters, both natural and man made.